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By Knishtech / 18.06.18
Latest Seven Trends About Mobile App Development

There is sudden rise in the number of users relying only on mobile devices to access internet. Thus, the number of mobile apps has also increased many fold compared to web apps. This year we are going to see some new apps along with upgraded versions of already existing apps.

Here we will discuss about 7 latest trends that will benefit market, but will change the game again.

Face ID technology

As of September 2017, Apple Face ID technology has started replacing its Touch ID technology. Face ID technology depends on camera system of iPhone X to precisely map the geometry of your face. As we now use phone to store most of our information, security is also important. Just looking at it, you can unlock iPhone X, but, it has to be only your face. So, it has taken the concept of secure authentication to a new level. An interesting thing about this technology is that Face ID can automatically adjust to changes in appearance of your face. iPhone X will recognize your face even if you are wearing sun glass or make up.

Mobile payments

A lot of developers are coming up with their mobile wallet apps. Consumers can download this app on their phone and add their credit or debit card details. The wallet will securely store that information so you can use it to make payments anytime anywhere. As most of wallets require thumbprint authorization so security is often not an issue. Some of the pioneer examples of mobile wallets are Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay. With these apps, customers can now use their mobiles to carry out everyday financial transactions. As this payment method is fast and convenient, it instantly become successful.

Artificial Intelligence

Use of AI has grown popular in various sectors of business like healthcare, education, and finance, but mobile seems to be a most promising area. The proliferation of AI technology has also set up new benchmark of user experience. Users now demand a more in-depth and personalized app performance.

In response to their expectations businesses are trying to come up with new apps based on AI. Apple’s new iPhone X is powered with AI features and applications. It includes Face ID recognition, augmented reality and many more. Huawei also has a Kirin 970 chip with AI capabilities added to it. People now expect their Smartphones to be intelligent and developers have no way but to work on mobile chips’ AI capabilities.


Wearable app market is supposed to grow more this year. Previously, majority of wearable focuses on the fitness tracking. Now manufacturers are adding features to increase capabilities of these devices.


Forbes, in an article published in the beginning of this year has commented how big Internet of Things (IoT) will be. AI, natural language processing, image recognition and deep learning will help tools that we use everyday to be more connected. We will be able to better understand and control the environment. The apps will help us to integrate and administer tool as per our wish.

Lightweight apps

Large apps take up much of your phone’s memory. You can replace such heavy apps with their lightweight versions. Facebook Lite is the most common example. The original app is 70 MB which become almost 200 MB after installation. With successive updates app size keeps on increasing. On the other hand, Facebook Lite is less than 1 MB and after installation it is less than 3 MB. In addition to it, Lite version uses less RAM, battery and computing power. As these lightweight apps are doing really well this year you will probably see more of them in your app store.

On demand apps

On demand apps are also quite popular. You order everything from books, taxis, foods, medicines, groceries, movie tickets through on demand apps. Airbnb and Uber are excellent examples in this category. As number of on demand apps are on the rise, we will see this year a more personalized versions of them.

With mobile app market changing with each passing day, world is going to see many new technologies. The revolutionary technologies will make things better, bolder and brighter.

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