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Welcome to Knish Technologies

Knish Technologies is a Software Engineering Services company headed in Norway. Knish Technologies has been carved out of CIStems to focus on software product engineering services. In India, Knish Technologies is headed in Mumbai and has invested heavily in creating a powerful mix of human and infrastructural resources for offshore and onsite development and is positioned strategically for delivering world class solutions and services to its clients globally. We provide software solutions and enterprise applications for a wide spectrum of domains including supply chain, manufacturing performance, asset visibility, business continuity planning, healthcare, and finance. These applications have been developed on a variety of renowned platforms.
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Our Work Flow

Our devel­op­ment approach starts by work­ing closely with the cus­tomer to iden­tify and under­stand the mis­sion or prob­lem state­ment and trans­late the related objec­tives into require­ments and a can­di­date top level solu­tion approach.
  • Planning

    Identify and prioritize requirements and goals

  • Designing

    Prototypes and user interactions

  • Developing

    High quality and scalable solutions

  • Launch

    Timing the Launch to Maximize Sales

Our Expertise

At Knish we utilise the latest techniques and technologies to design and deliver professional solutions, tailored to your needs. We recognise that every business has unique requirements, and we harness these to give your business the competitive edge required to succeed now and into the future.
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management

  • Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Web Applications and Ecommerce Solutions

  • Mobile App Development

  • Integration Services

  • Operational and IT Consulting Services

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Smarten Up Your Business!

Our customised web solutions promise to deliver value; allowing businesses to gain a competitive advantage, greater market share, increased revenue, brand equity and reduced advertising spend. We understand that in today's complex environment, businesses need to secure their position as industry leader through their most effective tool, their website

  • We deliver Top Rankings.

  • High customer retention rate.

  • We always return e-mails and calls within one business day.

  • Afordable pricing offers.

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